The Day Cru is comprised of just a select few members of Villa Maria’s 2016 vintage cellar staff. The 2016 vintage staff at Villa Maria represented 20 different countries. Together they set production records for quantity, and quality that no team before had ever done. The elite members that joined Champagne Appétit for this monumental occasion are as follows; Ange – Pinot Noir Lead (NZ) , John Boy – Barrel Specialist (AU), Jaime – Chardonnay Lead and International Dig-out Champion (MX), Adam – The Press Master (US), Jack – Sauvi Assassin (NZ), Drew – Confined Spaces Expert and Naked… a lot (US), and Fumimaro – Pinot Cap Manager (JP). These elite international cellar members all contributed their expert tasting notes, and were compiled into one SMASH for “The Day Cru.”

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