The Burleigh was opened in 2012 by a husband and wife team located in Blenheim, New Zealand. Blenheim is in the heart of the Marlborough wine growing region famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. The Burleigh is located on a major corner street on the way to many famous cellar doors. Every fall they see, and feed thousands of new people from all over the world. The Burleigh not only offers the best meat pies in the world, but have some of the best coffee, and a wide selection of imported cheeses. It’s no wonder it is a must see destination for any traveler. The owners are constantly working, and have some of the best hospitality in New Zealand. They only take a small break for the holidays and everyone in Blenheim goes through a pie crisis. The Burleigh has all the classic pies, but are highly regarded for the pork belly, and jerk chicken pies. If you are on the south island don’t miss The Burleigh, and we highly recommend a bottle of Lanson, Black Label to go with it!

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